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Glocal Outreach (GO) provides holistic approaches that meet the needs of people in our community.  Our desire is to engage the people of our communities and abroad in compassionate and caring ways.


Our Vision

Glocal Outreach has adopted the model of a health system (clinical and research) in order to effectively help those in need. 

We believe this model will provide appropriate training and meet the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs of those we strive to help.


Programs / Partners

  • Life Development Program

  • Restoration House

  • Family Values Thrift Shop

  • The Learning Center

Core Principles that will help GO succeed:


Community Involvement

  • We cannot be comfortable with being a fixture in the community. We must initiate fixing the community.


Uncommon Leadership

  • Leaders who are comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Like-Minded collaboration

  • Community Collaboration with individuals who desires the same outcome.


Daily Self Evaluation

  • Are we clearly articulating our intended goals and outcomes? Are we missing the mark in regard to the mission? Are we helping or hurting the community?


We are asking you to support our GO initiative.  Our goal is to have 1000 partners commit to donating at least $500. This will provide us with a substantial amount for a down payment and working capital. Making a mortgage payment obtainable and affordable, if necessary.  Any donation will help us with reaching our goal.

Here are the ways you can make a donation:

Option 1 (onetime gift)    $_____________ AMOUNT

To donate a one-time gift, please click HERE.


Option 2 (Donate $50 a Monthly for 10 months)








Option 3

Send a check (no cash, please!)

Checks Payable to

St John Family Worship Center

P. O. Box 655

Burlington, NJ 08016


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