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Glocal Outreach (GO) provides holistic approaches that meet the needs of people in our community.  We desire to engage the people of our communities and abroad in compassionate and caring ways.


Our Vision

Glocal Outreach has adopted the model of a health system (clinical and research) to help those in need effectively. We believe this model will provide appropriate training and meet the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs of those we strive to help.


Programs / Partners

  • Life Development Program

  • Restoration House

  • Family Values Online Thrift Shop

  • Joyful Journey's Social Daycare Center 


Glocal Outreach (GO) Life Development certificate program offers an accessible and free way to experience training and education in a positive learning environment.

These hands-on training courses allow youth and adult learners to enhance their knowledge in various fields of interest. These courses are available to all youth and adults seeking growth mentally, physically, emotionally, economically, and spiritually.


  • WRITE THE VISION (Vision Board Party) (December/ January) 

  • FINANCE 101 (Financial Responsibility) (February and September) 

  • THE PROFESSIONAL (Professionalism and Etiquette) (March and October) 

  • I’M A BOSS (Entrepreneurship) (April and November) 

  • FOLLOW THE LEADER (Leadership 101) (May and December) 



  • Intro to Media Technology (Audio & Video Production, Coding, and Graphic Design)

  • Fitness/ Health Class (TBD)

  • Personal and Organizational Development 

  • Debt-Elimination 


Restoration House fosters seniors, adults, single parents, and youth who have been mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually abused by life’s circumstances.

Emotional, social, economic, and spiritual deficiencies handicap people from experiencing their fullest potential. Restoration House addresses those issues through Reinvention, Intervention, and Prevention (RIP).

Needs seeking to meet:

  • Senior Care

  • Single Parent Housing 

  • Temporary sheltering






Joyful Journey’s Social Daycare Center offers various activities to engage and stimulate participants. These activities cater to older adults' unique needs and interests, promoting physical, cognitive, and social well-being. 


This program is particularly beneficial for seniors who are living with physical or cognitive impairments, as well as those who may be socially isolated or in need of additional support.

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