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Pastor Terrance Morrison

Reverend Terrance Morrison was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Reverend Morrison is known to engage all ages with his unique delivery of the word using people and objects to drive his message home while making it easy to understand.

Reverend Morrison’s goal is to glorify God in every aspect of his life and see people committed inside and out to Christ and not allow the culture to dictate their external views (perspective) and internal value (self -worth). The only way he knows to do that is by having a Godly lifestyle and a Biblical message.


Lady Carla Morrison


Greetings! I am the wife of Pastor Terrance Morrison and mother of four children. Chantel is 23, TJ is 11 and Christian is 6, and Tyler  5 months. We live in Burlington Twp New Jersey, where I have lived my whole life. My husband and I happen to be raising our children in the same home I grew up in.

 I interned at the talk show The Sally Jesse Raphael Show in NYC. Upon graduation, I took what was to be a temporary part-time job in banking. When I left training a full-time position was available and I opted to take it. I never interviewed for a job in the field of production.

Twenty years and many promotions later I have arrived here. Within those twenty years, I have been an investment banker, branch manager, Subway franchisee, owner of a transportation company, a partner in a child care center, writer, director and producer of a stage play and screenplay.


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